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    "Gathering the world's elites and creating a century worth of company" is VAKYE's talent strategy. In terms of employers, we take loyalty, sincerity and competence as the criterion, adhere to "morality first, competence second" as the principle of appointment, persevere in the belief of "virtue without talent, its virtue can be used; if its talent without virtue, its talent is hard to use". The company keeps on attracting, cultivating and retaining people by means of treatment, friendship and career. Emphasize staff training, so that every employee can improve and grow with the enterprise. We also pay attention to employee’s career planning and provide development for every talented person.

    In the process of human resource management, the company always carry out innovation on management, system and conception, builds an environment to be open, fair and just, establishes a set of mechanisms for individual employees fully developing themselves and realizing their aspirations.

    The company will provide staff with:

    1. Good working environment, harmonious relationship, united and energetic team;

    2. The system of appointing people on their merits and encouraging young people to promote their positions;

    3. Good learning and training program.

    VAKYE Technology sincerely welcome you to join us!

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